Opulent Pair of French Royal Blue & Gold Silk Damask Three-Cushion Sofas Couches


Opulent pair of French royal blue and gold silk damask three-cushion sofas couches, designed by Alberto Pinto in Paris, circa 1990s in the Versace style. These were made with the highest quality silk and gold damask for a private royal family in Palm Beach, Florida. With tassels, very fine trimming, and exquisite embroidery. They were used for 1 month and then they were sold. The condition is like-new. The brocade, stitching, and embroidery are fantastic. No words or photos can describe this pair of couches made for royalty. Condition: Excellent like new, ready for use Measurements: Height 41 in. x width 97 1/2 in. x depth 37 3/4 in.